Not ready to return to the gym? Or maybe an in-gym experience isn't your thing, BUT you're still looking for a challenging, but achievable, fun and consistent workout routine? One that can be done:

  • On your time,
  • From your home (or anywhere else you choose),
  • With the accountability of a community of women who are IN IT with you,
  • With the expert guidance of our friendly and knowledgeable coaches?

Welcome to FGF@Home!


  • 6 brand new workouts every week delivered to your inbox: Some of our benchmarks repeat periodically to help you track your progress over time, otherwise, every workout, every week is new and different! No getting bored around here!
  • 3 delivery formats: 📡 Daily Live-Stream classes, 🎥 On-Demand recorded classes (new one added daily), and 📖 PDF if you prefer to workout offline.
  • Flexible memberships: 🔀 Start when you want, stop when you need. Pay for what you'll use, leave the rest. Want it ALL? The all-inclusive FGF@Home Monthly Membership is for you! Check out all the Pricing Options below!

The Workouts:

Each week, you get 6 *BRAND NEW* workouts = 5 The Grind + 1 Yoga or Mobility Flow.

The GrindTM

Our signature and proprietary strength-training, sweat-so-good style adapted for an at-home environment! Focused primarily on functional movement exercises to aide in the ways you move in everyday life, with lots of interval training in the mix! These workouts are intended to be done with a pair of dumbbells. Every day is full-body and will get your heart-rate up, with low impact options provided. Each workout is programmed with 3 Levels to meet you wherever you are that day. They are intended to have you moving for 45-60 minutes, including the prescribed Warm-Up and Cool Down.

Yoga or Mobility Flow

The perfect complement to the higher-intensity of The Grind, for a well-rounded fitness routine! Whether you are a beginner-mover or a high-flying-yogi, you will feel welcomed, challenged [but in a different kind of way than The Grind] and restored by these sessions. Each week is led by a different one of our instructors, but all designed as a 50-60 minute flow.

Delivery Formats:

1. Live-Stream Classes

Offered daily Monday through Saturday. Each session is led by one of our knowledgeable and friendly Coaches who will guide you through every step, including modifications and substitutions to customize YOUR experience! Turn your video on so the Coach can watch your form and offer corrections when needed, or turn it off if you prefer privacy. We use the Zoom platform, so after registering for class, you'll be emailed the secure link to join us online! Your first one is FREE!  ➡️

2. On-Demand Recorded Classes

We record all 6 of the workouts each week. Each new recording is uploaded daily, and then available to you anytime, anywhere (with an internet connection), F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Sample an entire week's worth on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/farmgirlfit 

3. Detailed PDFs + Custom Timers

To use as a reference during the live or recorded classes, or instead of, if following a class/video isn’t your jam. These PDFs include hyperlinks to our Exercise Movement Library, plus all the instructions, tips and tricks from our Coaches so you get the most out of each workout. They are yours to keep F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Download a sample week, corresponding to the same week of recorded classes HERE.

Intervals are one of our favorite ways to train, but we know they can sometimes be confusing. When do I start? When do I rest? How many more? So, we also create custom timers that are compatible with both Android and iOS. You just need to download the Seconds Timing App in advance. Each week, we'll send you the specific timers you need! 

Pricing Options:

1. Live-Stream Classes Only

Your first one is FREE! After that, $10 Drop-In per Class, or a 3-Class Pack for $25. See the schedule above and book directly from the calendar.

2. Recorded Classes Only

Subscribe for $24.99 per month. That's 6 new workouts per week, uploaded daily, and you get access to them FOREVER! Sample a full week (all 6 workouts) on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/farmgirlfit

3. PDFs Only

Subscribe for $24.99 per month. Emailed to you weekly as long as your subscription is active. Each PDF is yours to keep FOREVER! Download a sample HERE, corresponding to the same week of recorded classes. 

Questions? 📧 Email us: fgfhome@farmgirlfit.com

Accountability & Community:

Community is a powerful thing! It’s support, motivation, a source of information, a sense of belonging, and the confidence that you are not alone. With the FGF@Home program you will be welcomed into the well-established and ever-growing Farmgirlfit community, as well as continue to build the specific FGF@Home community.

We have a private Facebook group just for the FGF@Home members to interact with each other {and with the Coaches}, ask questions, provide encouragement, and simply stay in touch! Especially in these COVID-times, we know how valuable that is! Once you start any of the FGF@Home subscriptions, you are granted life-time access to this exclusive support group! Request to join HERE!



We'd LOVE to have you join us! Still have questions? 📧 Email us: fgfhome@farmgirlfit.com

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